About Bio Security Disinfection Systems

Sanitary and decontamination tunnels and gates represent a safe protection and entry for everyone, particularly for those who work in close contact with groups and are therefore at higher risk. Effortlessly installed and no inconvenience to the consumer at the entrancesof public offices, mine facilitiesschools, shopping centersrestaurants, factories, pharmacies, supermarkets, churches or religious gatheringsairports, hospitals and medical facilitiesports, stations, bus stops, taxi rank entrances

This system can easily be erected as a short-term installation at once off sport activities, music events and festivals to ensure the safety of all attending.

  1. No wet employees or customers with a particle size of 1 micron.
  2. Water and sanitiser usage up to 200% less than spray nozzles technology.
  3. Our standard unit uses 6-9 l/hr with continuous use.
  4. Cost effective maintenance and spare parts.
  5. No maintenance required before reaching a 10000-hour operating time.
  6. Savings on electrical costs as our standard system is rated at only 0.3kw.
  7. Used in agricultural sectors where strict bio security measures are critical and meet the requirements.
  8. Internationally proven.


Bio Security System

Standard size 4 m l x 1.5 m w x 2.5 m h.
Designed to meet any demand in terms of site specifications or mandatory SLA requirements.
Fogging capacity from 3kg/hr – 150kg/hr
Convert any existing room
Available in kit form for easy self-installation
Installation available by our team of specialists.
Available in solar option for remote sites
Solar options available for remote or echo friendly sites.

  • Standard units sizes are 4m (L) x 1.5m (W) x 2.5 (H) and is available in the following construction materials
  • Units are erected by qualified personnel or shipped in flat pack kits should the client choose to erect it themselves.
  • Non Slip flooring systems are an additional feature and site specific.

Please note we are able to customize the size and configuration of the structures to meet any demand.

Disinfectant information

Our Bio security disinfection systems is designed to utilise ADI disinfectant.

ADI disinfectant benefits and technical data:

  • The active ingredients in ADI are non-toxic. The individual active ingredients of ADI are approved as safe for human and animal consumption by EFSA.
  • ADI kills 99.999925% of harmful pathogens
  • With an efficacy rate of log 6.25 (currently one of the highest on the market), and an oxidation reduction (ORP) level of above 950mV – 1000mV
  • Internationally recognised- ADI is laboratory tested to comply with international standards.
  • All data sheets and accreditation available
Isowall structural composite is a high strength panel consisting of a core of thermally efficient insulation material sandwiched between two outer pre-stressed skins. Various facing
materials and finishes are available. 
Once erected, Isowall panels do not need painting and can be easily kept in a hygienic condition, particularly as required for food processing plants or abattoirs. The skins of the panel can be pre-painted Chromadek, stainless steel or aluminium as required for the level of hygiene or corrosion resistance. The inner and outer skins can
also be of different materials.